Friday, November 26, 2010

Annnd it's nap time again!

I was thinking a little background information might be nice for anybody reading who doesn't actually know me.
I am a 26 year old mother to a lovely 5 month old little lady. Before having said lady I used to exercise 5 -6 days a week until about mid pregnancy. I particularly love spinning and running which was usually the bulk of my workouts, I also enjoy light yoga workouts. Since having "little miss" (the nickname my husband and I use) my workouts have consisted of some free weights and yoga at home as well as long walks, on days we can get out, in forever rainy Vancouver.
As for food, my real passion is baking and cooking! I love to come up with new and interesting healthy recipes. Although I haven't found a lot of time for baking up until this point, I feel like I've finally got a handle on my new mom routine and I think I can begin to reclaim some time for myself.

As mentioned before we live in the very pedestrian friendly city of Vancouver. Because of the fantastic transit my husband and I decided we did not need a car... which has been great since miss came along. It being November and constantly rainy here I do not get out for groceries as often as I would like, I feel quite bad toting a wee one out in the rain. So for today's lunch I had to scrape together something with whatever we had left over from last weeks grocery order.
Thankfully we had just enough food for one of my favorite lunches!
Tortilla pizza mmmm
Brown rice wraps make a lovely thin crust like pizza with just enough crunch. Today's tortilla pizza featured chicken, shitake mushrooms and peppers with a little bit of marble cheese.
This should give me enough energy to deal with a cranky teething miss I hope =)

The Beginning

Isn't beginning always the hardest... where to start.
I am starting Healthy Housewife to chronicle this new chapter in my life for family and friends who can't be here to share this experience with me.
I have always been a healthy eater/foodie and avid exerciser but am now with a new baby and a very busy husband working on his PhD it has become increasingly harder to find the time I need to get back to my fit and healthy self.
...more to post later, little peanut is asleep need to organize some lunch!